Planning & Management

Are you targeting strategic and operational excellence of your business units? Are shortest transport times, reliable and punctual delivery, and maximum in-transit control your goals and expectations? Could these outcomes be achieved by innovative transport concepts, exceptional transport management or partnership alliances, and utilization of best practice experience?

Our  focus is both concept and application. We help design models that generate intelligent solutions and lead to process efficiency. We share our  experience and market know-how with you to achieve the following objectives, using special analysis, planning instruments, and proven procedural models to your specific advantage:

  • Company-wide consolidation strategies (Ocean, Air, FCL, LCL, Rail, and Intermodal)
  • Rail-based logistics modeling
  • Strategy, organization, process design for transport management systems
  • Selection and deployment of 4PL/lead logistics providers
  • Measurement and comparative assessment of transport service value delivery
  • Cost forecasting and budget projection
  • Evaluation and selection of transport management systems
  • Sustainability optimization
  • Telematics and digitization in the transport chain
  • Horizontal cooperation / cooperative service procurement

Together with you and based on requirements, we identify key objectives, define and assess alternatives, and propose best solutions. We provide implementation support to any extent necessary so that the theory will pass the test in practice.

Your transport resource – efficient, intelligent, innovative

Transport Management
Intermodal Transports
Horizontal Cooperation

Transport Management

Efficient transport management  is the ultimate objective of perfectly functioning transport logistics. This depends on the best-possible organization of service providers, transparent communication between all parties, efficient use of the modes of transport, and integrated process functionality.

Tim Consult – a competent Partner for your Transport Management

As a consultancy firm, we assist you in optimizing your transport management. We constantly monitor current best practices and carrier market developments to help you profit from our experience.

We start by analyzing your transport organization, processes, and communication structures to provide initial recommendations for action. Next step, we design a transport management concept, jointly created based on this analysis. Implementation support is also available, if requested.

The most appropriate software is crucial to maximizing transport management efficiency. We are familiar with the suppliers on the market and help you to select the right system. We manage any and all aspects of the tendering process, following your concise instructions.

Finally, we offer you the option of transport management benchmarking. You can compare organizations, their tools, comparative results, and derivative best practices.

Your Benefit

  • Understanding the options, making the optimal choice
  • Measuring process efficiency via peer experience
  • Best practice for today and for future requirements

Intermodal Transports

Rail transportation is the future of European land transport.  Energy prices, truck freight rates, and road tolls are constantly increasing, driver shortages are creating capacity bottlenecks, and supply chain sustainability and emissions reduction are high-visibility corporate metrics.

An increase in intermodal usage is inevitable yet stronger implementing cost-effective solutions are a challenge.

Sustainable transport solutions as cost-effective alternatives

In 1998, Tim Consult pioneered the implementation of the first private long-distance rail transport with an integrated intermodal solution. Since then, we have been supporting shippers and service providers in the transition to expanded rail transport in three steps.

First, we conduct a feasibility study assessing which alternatives are suitable for your inbound and outbound transport network. Often, a single shipper’s volume is insufficient to maintain efficient operations given available rail capacity and departure frequency. Our solution begins with comparative network evaluation, utilizing our market-leading market intelligence database.

Secondly, we design a specific rail-based logistics network and define the necessary support processes. We concentrate on optimization of line haul, handling, and accessorial costs based on the local circumstances.

Finally, the implementation phase compiles procedural specification sheets, supports or manages execution of the tendering process, and assists with the operational implementation.

If you are already an intermodal or conventional rail transport shipper, regardless of volume,  let us validate your concepts and results. Our goal is yours: optimization of spend and service reliability.

Your benefit

  • Cost efficiency-oriented feasibility assessment and insights
  • Proven concept design through implementation
  • Benefits from peer experience

Horizontal Cooperation

Companies are increasingly searching for “the” next step to optimize networks and supply chain efficiency. Horizontal cooperation with other shippers for joint service purchasing offers untapped economies of scale, increases capacity resources, and amplifies ability to control costs. When implemented correctly, buying power is increased – a major success factor in ocean, air and rail transport, and increasingly in road transportation.

Who are the right partners and what is necessary for a successful implementation?

We assist you in the search for partners & effective Implementation

Tim Consult has been supporting customers in horizontal cooperation for twenty years – from concept and planning to execution. Our procedural model saves you effort, time, and keeps tasks on schedule and under full control.

In the first step, we find the partners suitable for your objectives. We have detailed knowledge of the logistics networks of over 100 world-class companies – all large-scale shippers. We analyze them with using proprietary matching models to identify overlaps and synergies.

Upon identifying compatible partners, we create a legal, compliant environment for dialogue joint determination of goals, and administrative structure. We employ proven cooperation methodology to ensure confidentiality and participatory benefit.

Lastly, we assume the role of a neutral “clearing house” to establish and maintain the necessary level of trust.  We construct clear milestones identifying individual cooperation advantages enabling each partner to decide whether to stop or proceed.

Your benefit

  • Sophisticated procedural model to identify and quantify potential benefits
  • Participants retain decision-making authority
  • Tim Consult as a neutral organizer of the cooperation, safeguarding confidentiality and compliance