Freight Purchasing

Do your responsibilities focus more on asset management rather  than  transportation service procurement? Are you most effective conducting complex tenders and concluding tough negotiations with optimal preparation? Do you want to leverage market changes to your maximum advantage? And always remain fully informed of high-impact events?

Transportation purchasing managers today are confronted with intricate market structures and ever-increasing demands for cost containment from key stakeholders. In addition to pricing, maintaining competitive advantage depends on integrating service quality, consistency, and predictability in both strategic and tactical applications.

You are required to have broad, up-to-the-minute knowledge of the market. Best practices as well as solutions and strategies must be tailored to specific requirements. Expert temporary or ongoing support can add to your productivity and probability of success.

Tim Consult is eager to assist you with this challenge. As freight purchasing experts, we have developed methods and tools for global freight purchasing providing the best possible support in your operational and strategic tasks – worldwide, in all operating regions, and all modes.

Our profound knowledge of global transport markets and more than 20 years of tender experience in land, air and ocean transport make us your valuable partner in the battle for favorable rates, consistent delivery times, and satisfied customers.

The difference is our brand of individual and target-oriented consulting, delivering the perfect solution for your tasks – from selective collaboration to comprehensive assignments. Our broad capability spectrum is specifically directed for successful execution of:

  • Tender design
  • Tendering strategy and negotiation tactics
  • IT-supported tender management
  • Consignment data evaluation (optimal tender objective criteria)
  • Market analysis & service provider identification and prequalification)
  • Design of specifications & contracts
  • Most favorable fuel clause (bunker/diesel) conditions
  • Target rating
  • Training, information seminars, and results workshops

The choice is yours – depending on the scope of tendering and your internal resources.

Optimum freight purchasing for land, air and ocean

Tendering Support
Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Tendering Support

Complex tenders for various modes of transport invariably include multiple service providers followed by extensive negotiations.  The task is more challenging given unique national subsidiary and business unit requirements and that internal  resources may not be equipped or available to manage all aspects. Cost reduction pressure, service level performance, administrative quality control, and customer satisfaction must all be aligned for successful outcomes. We understand this and are the expert resource.

The perfect Partner for your Tenders

We have been supporting our customers in freight purchasing for over 20 years, applying a vast market and process knowledge to tendering procedures in land, air and ocean across all industry verticals. Our Market Intelligence Initiatives provide the latest information on price developments, best practices, and comparative results. This deep experience enables us to help our clients achieve their tender objectives.

As your strategic partner, we integrate this knowledge with your procurement process. We support you in the professional tendering, the evaluation and fact-based allocation decisions, and deliver recommendations for success. Together, we develop a strategy carefully aligned with the market and adapted to your needs. An experienced Tim Consult team is assigned to assist to any extent you desire, tapping supplemental expertise in data management and tender analytics whenever needed.

Your Benefit

  • Professional tendering process
  • Perfect decision-making preparation
  • Time savings for strategic core tasks

TSS TenderSolutionSuite

Freight purchasing agents in global companies today are confronted with complex tasks and high expectations. Previously, the goal was securing service commitments with the most favorable conditions. Today, an effective freight purchasing strategy must extract maximum value, continuously measure performance, and retain flexibility to meet changing internal and external requirements. Detailed, accurate market knowledge is crucial for successful outcomes. Tim Consult can help.

Transparence and Market Knowledge for Global Tenders

With our TSS TenderSolutionSuite, a proven platform for tender management & strategic decision support, you will be ideally prepared for this task. Our software-as-a-service capability covers the entire tendering process – from the bidding, evaluation and optimization of offers to contract conclusion with the selected service providers.

The TSS TenderSolutionSuite goes significantly further. You receive an immediate overview of the costs and risks in your potential service provider portfolio. Data is filtered according to your requirements and graphically plotted for clear, precise comparisons. You quickly understand complex correlations and can immediately make fact-based decisions.

TSS uses a base methodology adaptable to ocean, road, air, and CEP tenders. TSS is web based, secure, without complex set-up and adaptations.  It is modularly configured and has no restrictions on customer-specific requirements.

Your Benefit

  • Relieves the operational burden in freight purchasing
  • Complete transparency throughout the entire process
  • Long-term transport cost savings of up to 10%

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Depending on transport mode and distribution configuration, cost drivers are network structure, shipment volume, country-specific toll rates, emission limits, operational and labor regulations to name but a few of the myriad factors at work.

A reliable determination of transport costs guides successful price negotiations, but is valid only when key variables are  quantified independently of one another and compared to the market at large.

Cost Transparency through TCO

Our “Total Cost of Ownership” model (TCO) enables our customers to make a realistic transport cost prognosis. We conduct bottom-up calculations in which the many influencing factors are evaluated and interpreted in terms of effect on the overall result.

This provides you with an instrument to predict the total operating costs for various modes of transport and scenarios. The TCO analysis can be used to calculate cost rates relative to the market and distribute the potential risks equally among contracting parties. Our analysis also identifies sources and relative proportion of freight rate increase impact going forward.

Forecasting the impacts of technical and regulatory developments, changes in capacity utilization, and pricing will prepare you for future business management challenges developments. The TCO approach fortifies eye-level negotiation with each service provider to achieve best-case outcomes in service and price.

Your Benefit

  • Understanding service provider cost burdens
  • Commercial basis-in-fact for fair price determinations
  • Maximum transparency for process optimization