Are you well-prepared for impending rate negotiations? Are you constantly grappling with new requirements and conditions from your transport service providers? Would you like to compare your rate agreements with market prices and find out your individual cost saving potential?

With its market intelligence initiatives (MII), Tim Consult has been providing trustworthy freight benchmarking since 1999. Unlike many other suppliers, we conduct benchmarks for land, air and sea transport, thus providing you with a comprehensive overview of all markets.

We use proven and dependable methods to accurately segment and harmonize all influencing factors for our analyses.  We utilize validated information derived from actual negotiations and contracts in active use. Only shippers participate. We examine data from companies in the same industries, of comparable size and with the same strategic approach. This assures a high degree of comparability and reliability. Our members use the results for tactical freight purchasing and to sharpen strategies and processes based on experience.

Our market intelligence initiatives are composed of nearly 100 companies – major global corporations and upper midsize companies which Tim Consult has served for many years with its leading methodology and solid results.

Our members entrust us with their freight data and highly sensitive information. We fully understand the responsibility and have clear rules and processes to ensure confidentiality and compliance.

Market  intelligence and logistics know-how for your success

  • Benchmarking freight rates & transport service
  • Market developments & forecasts
  • Community networking & best practices
  • Compliance & confidentiality
  • Valid, unbiased information & leading methods

New members are welcome at any time. They will benefit from validated information and market knowledge in the very first year to leverage cost-saving opportunities.

You will benefit financially, strategically, operationally and personally.

MII Global Ocean Transport
MII Road & Rail
MII Global Air Cargo


Maritime container transport is the backbone of world trade. In times of complex global value-creation networks, reliability and stability are critical success factors, while the markets themselves remain highly volatile.

Your task is to manage both and deliver consistently optimal results. As a member of Market Intelligence Initiative Global Ocean Transport, you will receive maximum support.  You will have access to up-to-date market knowledge, rate developments and best practice analyses. You are optimally prepared for all operational and strategic challenges.

Dependable strategies for your maritime container transport

  • Comprehensive rate benchmarking in maritime transport (port-to-port) and the entire transport chain with pre-carriage and on-carriage (door-to-door processes)
  • Additional customized analysis for unique requirements
  • Full market transparency for best-in-class rates and harmonized freight agreements
  • Individualized support in seminars and workshops

Your benefit

  • Average budget savings of 3–7% in the first year
  • Continuous network optimization supported by current data and analysis
  • Knowledge and best practices exchange forum with community members


Land transport remains a significant portion of the global shipment budget. Given carrier ability to hide or disguise costs, making the right decisions is complicated and fraught with challenges.

With its Market Intelligence Initiative Road & Rail, Tim Consult offers a benchmarking platform to help now and in the future. Our analysis platform permits eye-level observation and evaluation with community members to gain advantages for your strategic and operational objectives.

Market knowledge and transparency in European and North American land transport

  • Comprehensive benchmarking and best practice analyses of all land transport in Europe (FTL, LTL and dry/liquid bulk) and in NAFTA (Road & intermodal, packaged goods & bulk)
  • An overview of your own transport network – compare with the market and leading companies in your industry vertical
  • Simple and flexible analysis via Tim Consult’s customized benchmark viewer
  • Analyses of trends and rate developments for target rates & budget planning
  • Strategy hotline for ongoing support
  • Conferences on current market developments, best practices and knowledge exchange

Your benefit

  • Short-term savings potential of 2–5% of the freight budget upon initial participation
  • Up-to-date market knowledge to support tendering and negotiation
  • Strategic approaches for optimizing processes, service provider portfolios and network structures


The volatile global economy creates special challenges for the air freight. Changes in the calculation of fuel surcharges, modifications to airline fleet portfolios, new safety and security guidelines compel  continuous adjustment of purchasing strategies.

With the Market Intelligence Initiative Global Air Cargo, we assist you in all strategic and operational decisions concerning air freight transport procurement. As a community member, you have access to up-to-date market knowledge, current rate developments and best practices. Based on our findings, we optimize your global air freight activities, generating added value. Gain valuable knowledge from other members in different industries to amplify your own market position.

The right partner for your air freight

  • Comprehensive air cargo benchmarking: airport-airport and/or pre-carriage and on-carriage
  • Analysis of shipment weight and frequency relationships, service criteria for optimal cost containment realization
  • Expandable to CEP shipments (courier/express/parcel)

Your benefit

  • Budget savings of more than 3–8% in the first year
  • Up-to-date market knowledge and trend impact
  • Fact-based strategic planning for network optimization