Planning & Controlling

Is there a lack of complete cost and service transparency in your global network? Do you need consistently reliable information to prepare your decisions? Do you require  leading-edge tools to be able to dynamically plan, optimize and manage your network?

Precise information on current status and reliable forecasting are critical success factors for the implementation of cost-effective, market-oriented and future-proof processes in your global networks. The market environment in procurement and distribution changes rapidly; predicting and preparing for logistics volatility make the difference between success and failure.

We support you and your team with our tried and tested methods in the efficient planning and monitoring of your global networks:

  • Integrated strategic. operational, and procedural planning
  • Demand allocation with current and potential service providers
  • Cost forecasting, budget planning, & benchmarking
  • Comparative provider service performance evaluation

Utilizing our deep market intelligence data repository for all transport modes, we can help you achieve global network transparency in terms of costs and services.

Information and forecasts are the basis for your success