Network & Supply Chain Organization

Which organization type(s) allows you to optimally manage your network? Which teams work together best and how? What processes and tools are needed to ensure success?

Complex, multiple supply chains form a complex network of information flows and management relationships, requiring excellent organization to operate efficiently. The design and sequence must be adapted to the market dynamics and to your company’s structure.

We work closely together with you to find the right solution. Let our extensive experience in network and supply chain management provide benefits as we have for many leading international industrial companies.

We design the organizational structure in balanced collaboration with centralized corporate functions and business units. We specify which officers and their prospective roles, how processes are related to decision and implementation while focusing on control and efficiency.

Our range of services include:

  • (Re)design of organizational and operational structures, including responsibility assignment matrices (such as RASCI)
  • Task and process analysis
  • Assessment of comparative market position via SWOT analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Design of governance and stakeholder communication
  • Tools and support systems for information, planning, implementation and control
  • Human resources: Scope, qualification, roles, and career development

Focus on market requirements, corporate structure and best practices