Network & Supply Chain

Are you accountable for managing global supply and delivery chains? Are you faced with the challenge of aligning rapidly changing customer segments, new business models, growing service demands while cost reduction pressures increase? Do your customers and business units constantly expect better solutions so they improve performance?

Effective and efficient logistical networks are the backbone of your company’s success – now and in the future. Your responsibilities in purchasing and supply management are greater than ever.

The challenge is operating complex value creation networks on a global scale. Thousands of supply chains in procurement, supply, distribution, and waste management must be designed in line with the market realities and deliver consistent efficiency, a massive task regardless of your company’s size.

Our experts support you in the optimization and management of your international value creation networks with know-how from many industries, more than 20 years of implementation experience, and superb analytical competency.

We establish global network visibility: Comprehensive transparency and a concise examination of costs and service requirements at both strategy and process level. Benchmarking against companies in your industry vertical identifies competitive strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. The results are best practices, remedial initiatives, and innovation.

The necessary information and knowledge is provided by Tim Consult’s leading market intelligence initiatives – based on the continuous input of over 100 world-class companies in all segments and evaluated by proven methodology and analytical tools, continuously improved since 1999.

Our capabilities help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your global supply chains and networks, set priorities, and secure critical stakeholder support.

Transparency and efficiency for your global value creation networks


Planning & Controlling



Optimization of global supply chains
Potential results and actions for global supply chain optimization

Customer: Automobile manufacturer
Optimization of supply networks for global assembly operations
Analysis of all door-to-door process steps


Optimization of costs and delivery time

  • Impact of procurement and supply chain management on modal costs and process time: road, rail and ocean
  • Holistic, process-oriented assessment of supply chains
  • Cost potential of over 20% identified
  • Potential delivery time reductions of over 40% identified

Contact: Fredrik Händel

Global freight procurement for all modes of transport
Future-oriented strategy for global freight procurement

Customer: Paper and packaging supplies manufacturer
Freight budget: EUR 400 m
80 production locations worldwide
Modes of transport: road, rail, ocean

Supply chain requirements and best practices

  • Competitive procurement of transport services
  • Consideration of supply chain requirements and best practices
  • Re-organization of central procurement
  • Corporate-wide step implementation over three years
  • Sustainable cost reduction and service improvement

Contact: Fredrik Händel

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