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For more than 20 years, Tim Consult has provided specialized consulting to help our clients meet high-priority challenges. With over 1,700 successfully completed projects, we have an uncommon expertise delivering individual solutions to multinational and medium sized enterprises.

Freight benchmarking for ocean transport
Analysis of freight, processes and container transportation networks

Customer: International manufacturer of petrochemical products
Freight volume: 45,000 TEU p.a.
Freight budget: USD 25 m p.a.
500 Port Pairs

Market Intelligence Initiative Global Ocean Transport

  • Corporate overview of global transport network
  • Business unit-specific evaluation of freight budget and cost reduction opportunities
  • Development of realistic target rates for application to the tender tool
  • Service segmentation with adjusted contract model
Optimization of global supply chains
Potential results and actions for global supply chain optimization

Customer: Automobile manufacturer
Optimization of supply networks for global assembly operations
Analysis of all door-to-door process steps


Optimization of costs and delivery time

  • Impact of procurement and supply chain management on modal costs and process time: road, rail and ocean
  • Holistic, process-oriented assessment of supply chains
  • Cost potential of over 20% identified
  • Potential delivery time reductions of over 40% identified

Contact: Fredrik Händel

Global freight procurement for all modes of transport
Future-oriented strategy for global freight procurement

Customer: Paper and packaging supplies manufacturer
Freight budget: EUR 400 m
80 production locations worldwide
Modes of transport: road, rail, ocean

Supply chain requirements and best practices

  • Competitive procurement of transport services
  • Consideration of supply chain requirements and best practices
  • Re-organization of central procurement
  • Corporate-wide step implementation over three years
  • Sustainable cost reduction and service improvement

Contact: Fredrik Händel

Horizontal Cooperation in Ocean Freight Transportation
Comprehensive support for global ocean freight procurement

Customer: Automobile manufacturer
World-wide tender
More than 200,000 TEU/per year
More than 1,000 routes

Web-based decision making support

  • Validated, reliable data as basis for decision
  • Results information 15 min after end of tender round
  • Instantaneous calculation of optimal allocation per business rules and restrictions
  • Deductive analysis of cooperation packets
  • Query of several different service alternatives per route

Contact: Thomas Hang

Freight benchmarking for automobile manufacturer
Overview of market prices and target rates for land transports

Customer: International automobile manufacturer
Freight volume: 300,000 FTL p.a.
Freight budget: Euro 170 m p.a.
1,000 transport routes in all of Europe

Market Intelligence Initiative Europe Road & Rail

  • Market oriented control of freight procurement for different plants
  • Validation of market prices and internal cost calculations for transportation
  • Creation of centralized freight rate database
  • Set realistic target rates for each transport mode
  • Best practices for process optimization
Eastern Europe tenders for truck transport
TIM CONSULT provides support for analysis and execution of a cooperation tender

Customer: Chemical company
Volume: ca. 80,000 shipments p.a.
2,500 routes
More than 100 service providers

Allocation scenarios and decision support

  • Preparation by processing data and pre-qualifying bidders
  • Automated tender evaluation and calculation of scenarios, simulations and optimization of various business rules pertaining to service, capacity, allocation logic, etc.
  • Optimization analysis of each service provider offer
  • Visualization of scenarios and calculation of savings potentials

Contact: Dennis Möbius

MII Global Ocean Transport
Market Intelligence Initiative

Download Product Data Sheet:
MII Global Ocean Transport

Market Intelligence Initiative Global Ocean Transport

  • Start 2002
  • 18.000 port pairs
  • 6 bn $/year freight spend
  • 7 m TEU/year
MII Europe Road & Rail
Market Intelligence Initiative

Download Product Data Sheet:
MII Europe Road & Rail

Market Intelligence Initiative Europe Road & Rail

  • Start 1999
  • 90,000 lanes
  • 6 bn €/year freight spend
  • 7 m FTL/year
MII Global Air Cargo
Market Intelligence Initiative

Download Product Data Sheet:
MII Global Air Cargo

Market Intelligence Initiative Global Air Cargo

  • Start 2008
  • 35,000 lanes
  • 1.5 bn $/year freight spend
  • 600 kt/year

Contact: Christoph Bruns

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