Tim Consult E-Book: “Chinese One Belt, One Road Initiative”

As part of the Chinese “One Belt, One Road” Initiative, more and more services are being implemented for end-to-end supply chains in trade between the Far East, Central Asia and Europe. The “New Silk Road” is a long-term Chinese project dedicated to the development of transport, supply and trade infrastructure. To this end, a large number of Chinese infrastructure investments and economic cooperations will be bundled to improve transport connections.

For shippers, this creates new interesting alternatives to air and sea transport.

As a result of this development our ocean freight experts offer regular analysis of the “Chinese One Belt, One Road” Initiative. In our e-book we offer an abstract of this analysis to interested shippers.

The content of our e-book:

  • Container transports by rail on the Eurasian land bridge
  • Trade imbalance between east and westbound
  • China’s infrastructure investments and state subsidies for carriers

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