Market know-how & procurement management

  • Benchmarking & best practice analysis
  • Global procurement strategies
  • IT guided tender management
  • Road, rail, air, ocean and express transports

Efficient Network planning as success factor

  • Strategic network design
  • Supply chain planning
  • Horizontal & vertical co-operation
  • Organization and processes

Case Studies

Freight benchmarking for ocean transport
Analysis of freight, processes and container transportation networks

Customer: International manufacturer of petrochemical products
Freight volume: 45,000 TEU p.a.
Freight budget: USD 25 m p.a.
500 Port Pairs

Market Intelligence Initiative Global Ocean Transport

  • Corporate overview of global transport network
  • Business unit-specific evaluation of freight budget and cost reduction opportunities
  • Development of realistic target rates for application to the tender tool
  • Service segmentation with adjusted contract model
Optimization of global supply chains
Potential results and actions for global supply chain optimization

Customer: Automobile manufacturer
Optimization of supply networks for global assembly operations
Analysis of all door-to-door process steps


Optimization of costs and delivery time

  • Impact of procurement and supply chain management on modal costs and process time: road, rail and ocean
  • Holistic, process-oriented assessment of supply chains
  • Cost potential of over 20% identified
  • Potential delivery time reductions of over 40% identified

Contact: Fredrik Händel

Global freight procurement for all modes of transport
Future-oriented strategy for global freight procurement

Customer: Paper and packaging supplies manufacturer
Freight budget: EUR 400 m
80 production locations worldwide
Modes of transport: road, rail, ocean

Supply chain requirements and best practices

  • Competitive procurement of transport services
  • Consideration of supply chain requirements and best practices
  • Re-organization of central procurement
  • Corporate-wide step implementation over three years
  • Sustainable cost reduction and service improvement

Contact: Fredrik Händel

Horizontal Cooperation in Ocean Freight Transportation
Comprehensive support for global ocean freight procurement

Customer: Automobile manufacturer
World-wide tender
More than 200,000 TEU/per year
More than 1,000 routes

Web-based decision making support

  • Validated, reliable data as basis for decision
  • Results information 15 min after end of tender round
  • Instantaneous calculation of optimal allocation per business rules and restrictions
  • Deductive analysis of cooperation packets
  • Query of several different service alternatives per route

Contact: Thomas Hang

Freight benchmarking for automobile manufacturer
Overview of market prices and target rates for land transports

Customer: International automobile manufacturer
Freight volume: 300,000 FTL p.a.
Freight budget: Euro 170 m p.a.
1,000 transport routes in all of Europe

Market Intelligence Initiative Europe Road & Rail

  • Market oriented control of freight procurement for different plants
  • Validation of market prices and internal cost calculations for transportation
  • Creation of centralized freight rate database
  • Set realistic target rates for each transport mode
  • Best practices for process optimization
Eastern Europe tenders for truck transport
TIM CONSULT provides support for analysis and execution of a cooperation tender

Customer: Chemical company
Volume: ca. 80,000 shipments p.a.
2,500 routes
More than 100 service providers

Allocation scenarios and decision support

  • Preparation by processing data and pre-qualifying bidders
  • Automated tender evaluation and calculation of scenarios, simulations and optimization of various business rules pertaining to service, capacity, allocation logic, etc.
  • Optimization analysis of each service provider offer
  • Visualization of scenarios and calculation of savings potentials

Contact: Dennis Möbius

MII Global Ocean Transport
Market Intelligence Initiative

Download Product Data Sheet:
MII Global Ocean Transport

Market Intelligence Initiative Global Ocean Transport

  • Start 2002
  • 18.000 port pairs
  • 6 bn $/year freight spend
  • 7 m TEU/year
MII Europe Road & Rail
Market Intelligence Initiative

Download Product Data Sheet:
MII Europe Road & Rail

Market Intelligence Initiative Europe Road & Rail

  • Start 1999
  • 90,000 lanes
  • 6 bn €/year freight spend
  • 7 m FTL/year
MII Global Air Cargo
Market Intelligence Initiative

Download Product Data Sheet:
MII Global Air Cargo

Market Intelligence Initiative Global Air Cargo

  • Start 2008
  • 35,000 lanes
  • 1.5 bn $/year freight spend
  • 600 kt/year

Contact: Christoph Bruns

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